Choosing an Interior Decorator

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interior decoratorThe skills of an interior decorator vary greatly, so you need to do your homework before hiring one. A good interior decorator should have formal education and training, but some may not. You should always look for someone with a portfolio and a design background. You can also check with local design firms to see if they offer an entry-level position. Some decorators have acquired their skills through apprenticeship programs, but they are not necessarily interior designers.

How To Learn Choosing An Interior Decorator

An interior decorator will look for natural incidence factors and the interaction of a room with its surroundings. They will use color and pattern in conjunction with furniture and lighting to create a pleasing and functional room. Their expertise lies in combining various design elements in a way that complements each other, while maintaining the clients’ style and aesthetic preferences. These are just a few of the things a QIDA decorator can do for you. Once you’ve hired a decorator, you’ll be well on your way to creating a home you love.

When choosing an interior decorator, make sure all decision-makers are at the consultation. If there are multiple decision-makers in the household, it’s best to choose an interior decorator who can listen to each and everyone’s input without creating a conflict of interest. Try to have both spouses attend the consultation, as this will help the decorator reach a balance between your preferences and the decorator’s own aesthetic sense. You can also check if the decorator you’re considering is a member of a design organization.

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