How to Take a Corporate Headshot

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A corporate headshot is a photo of a person that is taken for business purposes. The goal of this image is to convey a sense of credibility and professionalism to clients and customers. It can be used for resumes, social media accounts, and professional networking sites. It also helps to humanize a brand online.

Do you direct clients during a shoot?

The perfect corporate headshot reflects the industry a person is in and reflects the person’s personality and style. It should show that they’re professional but approachable, and should portray the character a business needs to promote themselves. For instance, a real estate agent might want to have their corporate headshot taken in front of a house, while an engineer would choose a building under construction or a field of flowers. It’s important to select a background that suits the nature of your business, and to avoid using any distracting elements.

People like to connect with the people they work with, and a professional headshot helps people visualize the person behind the business. It can also help clients select the remodeler they would like to hire. You can also use a headshot for other purposes, such as using it in print media. It will help you stay consistent with your image across platforms and give people a clearer picture of who you are.

During the shoot, dress appropriately for the business environment. This includes a business suit or some other professional attire. This helps to keep your image on brand and will make the subject feel more relaxed during the shoot. Makeup and hairstyle should be minimal to avoid looking unprofessional.

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