Steel Caster Wheels

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Steel caster wheels heavy duty are available in a variety of designs. These wheels are tough and long-lasting. They can operate in a wide variety of environments including water-logged floors, mild chemicals, greasy floors, and more. They also withstand extreme temperatures (up to 250 deg F) and low temperatures (less than 45 deg F).

How long will casters last?

Some heavy-duty casters are swivel, while others are fixed. Both types of casters can support up to ten tons and are designed for the toughest of applications. The heavy-duty casters can feature wheel brakes and a double row ball bearing for smooth swiveling action.

Steel caster wheels can withstand high temperatures and abrasion. The “V” grooves help to control the flow of loads over long distances. They are also perfect for large loads, as the “V” groove allows for optimum weight distribution across each wheel. They are used for industrial purposes and are manufactured from gray iron castings.

The heaviest duty steel casters feature cast iron or steel wheels. These wheels offer the highest loads per unit size. These casters feature double ball bearings and roller bearings. They can handle high temperatures and a variety of environments. While steel casters are tough, they may not be the best choice for your application. If you are concerned about the protection of your floor, you can choose polyurethane or TPR wheels instead.

Steel caster wheels are often used for a wide range of applications. They can be used for repositioning furniture and appliances. They can also be fitted to shelving units. They are also used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. They can even be used to move heavy work. Heavy-duty caster wheels are also used on aircraft tow bars and engine stands.

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