Surgical Staples Lawsuits

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As you may know, surgical staples are dangerous and could cause life-threatening complications. Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed over the years citing these risks. Some people have even suffered fatal injuries. These cases highlight the need for the FDA to recall the product to reduce the risk of further complications. The FDA recently released information on the risks associated with surgical staples. According to their statement, there is a “significant risk of life-threatening complications.” In addition, people who used the staples are also entitled to filing a lawsuit for damages.


The lawsuit alleges that Ethicon surgical staples cause complications during surgery. Depending on the type of surgery and severity of complications, the patient may be eligible to file a lawsuit against Ethicon for manufacturing and marketing them. If the lawsuit is successful, the company may be responsible for paying damages to class members and other affected medical professionals. Go here now :

If you think you are a surgical staples victim, you should consult a lawyer immediately. A legal team experienced with these cases can evaluate your case and decide whether you can file a lawsuit. A legal team that understands the product’s risks and understands the laws of the state in which the patient lives can be important.

The FDA recalled a number of surgical staplers and staples in October 2019. The FDA says that this equipment fails to properly form staples, which increases the risk of a surgical complication. As a result, several patients have suffered serious injuries or even fatalities.

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