Swivel Caster Wheels Heavy Duty

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Swivel caster wheels heavy duty are designed to move equipment easily and allow warehouse workers to complete tasks faster. They make moving carts, pallet racks, and cargo much easier in tight storage spaces where turning is difficult or dangerous.

They help reduce fatigue, and prevent injuries. This can save a business money in labor costs and equipment replacement.

Heavy duty casters can handle loads up to 100,000 pounds. They are made of metals like steel and iron that can stand up to high pressure. They are also less likely to rust or crack and can last longer.

Some casters come with a brake option. Some of them have a friction brake that uses a rubber ring on each wheel to keep it from spinning while the swivel is engaged. Others have a brake that engages a rigid ring that lowers and presses down on the swivel while rotating to lock it in place.

Why Heavy Duty Swivel Caster Wheels are Essential for Industrial Settings

These casters are more durable than their less expensive counterparts because they are designed to handle loads and roll over rough surfaces. They are available in a variety of different materials, including nylon and urethane.

They can be mounted in two ways: Rigid top plate or swivel top plate. The top plate affixes to the item being transported, while the stem affixes to the floor.

Most swivel top plate casters feature ball bearings that help swivel the wheel and mount it on the swivel ring. Some casters also have a kingpinless design, where the swivel ring is free to rotate independently from the wheel.

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